Syntec Biofuel

Syntec Biofuel is a Washington State Corporation, currently trading on the OTC.BB (OTC.BB Symbol: "SYBF") with operational headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. The company operates their research program under their Canadian subsidiary, Syntec Biofuel Technologies, Inc.

Syntec Biofuel Inc is a creative renewable energy company that is developing and commercializing proprietary second-generation biofuel technology and processes to convert waste cellulosic biomass into ethanol and other high-value alcohols. The company's unique Biomass-to-Alcohols (B2A) thermo-chemical process can utilize virtually any organic feedstock, such as woodchips, corn stover, sugar bagasse, wheat straw and so forth, to produce highly sustainable alcohols and renewable fuel.

B2A Process Advantages:

Ethical -Uses waste material. No need for agricultural lands or dedicated energy crops.

Ecological -Greater greenhouse gas reductions. Sustainable and renewable feedstocks. Environmentally friendly production process.

Economical -Cheaper to produce than corn or enzymatic ethanol. Multiple revenue streams. Greater flexibility.

The B2A Process.


Syntec Process

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